Monday, May 02, 2016

CCSD: Build New High School Closer to Closed Lincoln High

No doubt many Charleston County residents think of McClellanville as middle-of-nowhere South Carolina, but for those who have sent their children to Lincoln High School for generations, nothing could be further than the truth. Community facilities such as these keep communities together. If the administration of the Taj Mahal in downtown Charleston closes the school, much more will be lost than gained.

That said, Superintendent Postlewait would be well advised to have a plan to show such communities how CCSD will ameliorate the effects. 

A new high school at the old Wando campus is NOT a solution. 

There is one.

Sell the land occupied by the old Wando high school to developers--it's prime real estate and worth plenty.

Take the proceeds and purchase a tract of land halfway between McClellanville and Mt.Pleasant.

Take the surplus from buying that cheaper land and apply it to building a new high school that literally "reaches out" to these dispossessed families.

These efforts should make the dreary hours spent being bused into monster Wando and learning in trailers more bearable for those involved. Positive side effects would include more spread out traffic and more classroom space as Mt. Pleasant grows up Highway 17.


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