Sunday, May 29, 2011

CCSD's Grad Rates Are Your Fault!

Are you feeling guilty yet?

Yet again you have failed the Charleston County community by not raising high school graduation rates. Yes, we are all being blamed by Superintendent McGinley's mouthpiece in the P&C today. As Diette Courrege so coyly puts it, "Everyone shares a piece of the blame."

Really? If everyone is responsible, then no one is held accountable. Parents and students and schools are let off the hook. Is that really what the reporter desires? Maybe she should stop the communal guilt trip.

Parents are responsible. Unfortunately, many parents are so caught up in themselves and their own problems that little parenting gets done. That's where the school comes in. Some schools manage better than others in similar circumstances.

That's where McGinley (and her mouthpiece) should be focusing her efforts--finding out what those schools are doing right and copying it, not moaning over how "it takes a village."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Study CCSD Results, Not Decision

Landmark decisions and a landmark dissent--those are what legal experts chose to celebrate at the Broad Street courthouse Friday at a continuing-education colliquium for local attorneys.

A dissent from the Briggs v. Elliott case, according to these experts, "laid the groundwork" for the later Brown v. Board of Education case.

All fascinating stuff to lawyers, but what about the results?

Thanks to the policies of the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees, the majority of CCSD schools remain nearly as segregated as they were 60 years ago. Now it's de facto instead of de jure.

Maybe the legal experts should take up that problem.

Monday, May 16, 2011

CCSD Fox Set to Watch Head Start Henhouse

Head Start problems have been in the news for years, mainly those dealing with finances.

To solve Charleston County's problems in that area, where funds previously have been misspent, the feds are handing over control of $6.5 million to the Charleston County School District.