Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CCSD to Sullivans Island

"Damn the lawsuits! Full speed ahead!" quipped Superintendent Nancy McGinley as the Charleston County School District broke ground Monday on its controversial hulking version of the Sullivans Island Elementary School.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Charter High for Math & Science Occupies Rivers

Finally finished is the Charleston County School District's renovation of the 1938 Rivers High School building. The high school classes of the Charter High for Math & Science have vacated their mobile classrooms without regret. Its 260 middle school students await a brighter day when they too will roam free of trailers.

Meanwhile, CCSD plans to begin its much-touted Lowcountry Tech Academy later this month on the other side of locked doors. Students will be bused in, presumably for part of the day, into three low-tech courses that could be offered in any recently remodeled classroom: networking, keyboarding/computer applications, and graphic communications.

While promising more technologically-advanced classes, CCSD has labored and spent elephantine amounts of tax dollors to bring forth a mouse.

Let's see. Leaving 260 students in trailers and busing 160 in to take courses they could get elsewhere.

Yes. Superintendent McGinley's independent thinkers must still be in charge.