Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CCSD Member Walkout Plays to Media

Will black members of the Charleston County School District's Board of Trustees walking out of a meeting have the effect of keeping Lincoln High open? Or bring about Cindy Bohn Coats's resignation as chair of the Board? Don't hold your breath.

Conditions in CCSD result from decades, decades of mismanagement. Further, for the last decade the NAACP has acquiesced to CCSD's plans because administration met its need to be seen as the voice of the people. 

Removing Mt. Pleasant from the equation, not one area of the district admires its schools. How did that happen?

Blaming the present school board members en masse for the mistakes of past school boards is simply wrong. Look at the record of each individual. Think about those members whom the district and the press reviled because they wanted more information. How about the reality that most members have no experience to lead them to question financial realities? 

It's the system, stupid.

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