Friday, May 27, 2016

NAACP Desperate to Stay Relevant in CCSD


No one has any difficulty understanding why the NAACP fights the closing of Lincoln High School or desires more diversity at Charleston County's Academic Magnet High School. Yet for reasons unknown the organization's vitriol against the Charter School for Math and Science knows no bounds.

Since the creation of the Charleston School for Math and Science, Dot Scott and company have railed against its existence. First, it shouldn't be able to use the old Rivers campus. Then, it shouldn't use the Rivers building. As the school prospered and students multiplied, the NAACP hammered home year after year the mantra that the school's nefarious purpose was to reintroduce (!) segregation to the district, even as CSMS became and remains the most diverse school in the entire district.

That's not good enough for the NAACP. The school's success must be destroyed.
From the beginning, CSMS teachers have worked at the will of the administration. No contracts, no hearings, no New-York-style rubber rooms. Any teacher taking a job at CSMS knows the rules.

In its wisdom the NAACP, whose spokesman admits that its meddling has nothing to do with race, proposes changing the school's charter to make the state's Teacher Employment and Dismissal Act apply to its hires. Three teachers who were not rehired didn't like their evaluations.

Sour grapes, pure and simple.

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