Thursday, May 05, 2016

CCSD's Halevi on Target with Criticism of "Journalism"

When did the Post and Courier decide it wanted to become the next National Enquirer

Recent headlines show a certain desperation over sales. What else could have possessed the local rag to put a minor dress code flap on the front page with a one-sided attack on one of the Charleston County School District's finest administrators? (and how often do I praise administrators?)

Fortunately, Andrew Halevi, program director of the Septima Clark Academy, a district school for potential dropouts, not only has his supporters but also admirably defends himself in this week's Letter to the Editor. 

As Halevi cogently points out, "Sadly, the Post and Courier contributes to the challenges educators face by failing to follow basic principles of journalism when covering complex issues at Charleston area schools."


My favorite point:
3) Provide context. Journalism involves more than the regurgitation of a press release. It should involve background that helps the reader make an independent judgment.
For this miracle to happen, of course, the reporter needs knowledge of the county and the district, not the learning-on-the-job adulation so frequently shown to those in authority.

The sarcastic jibe at the Pulitzer could make your day.


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