Monday, May 09, 2016

Closing Lincoln Shuts Down CCSD's Self-Created Mess

See, I sometimes can agree with Dot Scott and the NAACP, believe it or not.

Residents of the McClellanville area whose children will spend hours on buses traveling to and from an overcrowded Wando High School will get pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by after all of their community cohesion has disappeared. You see, the Charleston County School District is in the process of buying land in Awendaw to build a new high school for the northern part of the district at some yet-to-be-determined future time, if all goes according to plan, of course. 2035? That sounds about right.

While the district lavished every asset known to man on Wando High School, beginning with a new campus a decade ago, what did it provide for Lincoln? Using the excuse that the school didn't have enough students to justify upgrades, the district left the following mess to fester:
There are so few students at Lincoln that the district has struggled to justify any major investments there. The school [opened in 1954], a series of separate buildings attached by breezeways, has no central air conditioning. The science classrooms have no heating, forcing students to wear jackets in class and teachers to bring in space heaters. Physical education and health classes are taught in a converted electrical closet. An open sewage pond sits in the back of the school near the unused baseball field.
Lincoln didn’t have Wi-Fi until a few years ago.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 
Nearly 80 students who live in Lincoln’s attendance zone go to school elsewhere in the district; most of them — 74 percent — are white and half opted for Wando High School in Mount Pleasant.
I can't imagine why. Maybe the parents don't like open sewage ponds?

What if the district had actually upgraded the campus over the last couple of decades while it was building expensive new high schools in other parts of the district? Is it possible that the majority of those 80 students would be at Lincoln instead? Is it possible that more families might have moved into the area? What held CCSD back? Costs? 

Spare me.

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