Monday, May 16, 2016

CCSD Should Sell the Taj Mahal (Gulp)?

In the midst of the financial mess left by the Charleston County School District's McGinley administration, local residents are reaching for ways to remedy its $18-million shortfall without raising taxes. 

Good luck with that.

Now, it is true that, as one taxpayer suggested in a recent Letter to the Editor, the Charleston County School District owns land and buildings that are underutilized. 


In fact, not too long ago the district did sell property to fund operating expenses, as pointed out at the time. Yet, selling assets to pay operating expenses means that the district devours itself. Financing with the sale of assets can continue for only so long. We haven't seen the last of shortfalls.

Still, the idea of moving administration out of the Taj Mahal at 75 Calhoon is an enticing one, entertaining, in fact. As Jerry Lahm points out, 
There is no logical reason whatsoever for administrative offices to be on some of the most valuable commercial real estate in the City of Charleston. 
And if it is decided to sell it the district wouldn’t have to pay for a new building, it could just retrofit the old Charlestowne Academy building that has been sitting empty on Rivers Avenue for years. To make it even better, it is central to the entire county with plenty of free parking.
Hear, hear!

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