Friday, May 06, 2016

"Migrant"? "Denied"? What Part of Post & Courier Headline Is True?

The lead headline on Tuesday's front page screams, 

"Migrant Youths Denied School in U.S."

Question 1: does the headline writer/editor know the difference between migrant and immigrant?

Question 2: why the important placement of a story that does not involve the State of South Carolina?

Question 3: do the AP reporters understand that schools actually have laws that they follow regarding whom they can admit? 

Nothing about this non-story belonged on the front page of the paper. It's not even clear why it appeared in this paper at all. Schools have rules about admitting students who cannot graduate before reaching 20. Schools have rules about transcripts. Even the spokesman for an organization that has the biggest axe to grind in this matter--S.C. Legal Services here in Charleston--admitted that he knew of no "clients dealing with such a situation."

Get a grip while you still have a readership left!

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