Tuesday, May 03, 2016

CCSD's Pattison's No More?

Should a severely disabled child be able to read simple words? If your answer is that it doesn't matter, you can stop reading now. 

However, if you find that important, it's time to pressure the Charleston County School District to make sure it happens in the future.

Why does it seem that the most disadvantaged students will bear the brunt of years of mismanagement in CCSD? Because they are. 

Perhaps some would say this is by design and racist, but it's not. The district's bind is how to cut costs without hurting educational outcomes. Thus, despite its effects on the community, the closing of Lincoln High is justified by school board members who correctly point out the advantages of Wando's offerings, even as they ignore other disadvantages.

Such is not the case with Pattison's Academy for Comprehensive Education (PACE). The nearly six-year-old charter school's successes pale before the district's ongoing fiscal crisis. Now the school board has revoked its charter and will take over its operations. Despite promises to keep the level of operations at its intense level, logic says that the district will necessarily cut expenditures--why else take it over? 

As with Lincoln High, county residents should ask for guarantees that the district will look out for the most disabled. A need existed and PACE stepped in. CCSD's programs did not work well for these children in the past.  Are they going to improve now?

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