Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Curtains for CCSD's Lincoln High/Middle?

The last act appears to have begun on the existence of McClellanville's Lincoln High/Middle. Those students will now feel the brunt of the Charleston County School District's $18-million shortfall.

Superintendent Postlewait needs a spectacular plan for the students being displaced. Throwing them willy-nilly into giant Wando High School is not a plan, nor are hours-long bus rides.

The School Board could sweeten the blow by planning construction of a new Awendaw-MeClellanville High School ASAP. It need not be behemoth--800 students makes sense. Population is moving up Highway 17 towards that area, so the Board could actually plan in advance of overcrowding (already happening at Wando).

They'd better put their heads together over this one!

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