Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spearman: Dumb Down GPA Because Everybody Else Does

Wouldn't it be startling if decisions about education in the State of South Carolina were made to improve academics? 

That idea's not even on the radar screen!

Without a dissenting vote, at Molly Spearman's bequest, the State Board of Athletics, excuse me, Education, voted to move to a 10-point grading scale so athletes who can't compete with the seven-point grading scale now in use will be able to show improved GPAs. The move does nothing to improve their ACT or SAT scores, which reveal true academic ability rather than sloth.

No doubt nonathletic students share their delight in this dumbing down of expectations. After all, more of them will qualify for in-state scholarships. Never mind that the academic standard to receive one of those rewards for hard work has been attenuated.

Never mind that the amount of money in South Carolina's scholarship fund won't cover the increased cost of providing those scholarships. 

All we need do is convince the poor to buy more lottery tickets to fund these semi-academic achievement awards for the middle class.

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