Monday, April 04, 2016

Joseph Darby Reveals His Prejudice on CCSDOnce Again

Yes, you probably realize that our local paper has little choice but to publish the op-ed rantings of the Reverend Joseph Darby, Charleston Branch NAACP's vice-president (of one of the most segregated branches in the country!). Since his opinions stay the same, no matter how obvious the facts, you might also wonder what percent of readers who start reading the op-ed actually read to the end of it. 

Darby's opinions in a nutshell: Everything that everyone does to try to improve public education is motivated by prejudice. Public-private partnership, charter school, magnet--they're all cut from the same cloth, and that cloth is the bloody shirt of segregation. Wouldn't you love to hear some specific improvements he supports besides the umbrella mantra of providing more support? You would think he'd welcome results such as those shown by Meeting Street Schools, but he doesn't. His silence might cause people to ask if a good education for black children is really what he's interested in.

Public school supporters have feared prejudiced people like Darby for too long. It's time to ignore the op-eds.

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