Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Transparency In CCSD over Charter Schools

We wanted transparency, didn't we?

So that explains CCSD's Board of Trustees 5-4 vote against funding $300 for a member to attend a conference in North Charleston. The majority certainly want to appear careful in spending those shrinking tax dollars!

But, if it's such an obviously frivolous expenditure, why was the vote so close?

Ah, the rest of the story. . . . The four "big spenders" are Board members Collins, Kandrac, Toler, and Ravenel. Gee, what issue would cause these four to unite?

Support for charter schools, of course. The fee was to attend a conference of the South Carolina Association of Public Charter Schools. [See Fraser Parents Protest Closing for further details.]

Thus, we have transparency on the thoughts of the five against (Green, Meyers, Oplinger, Fraser, and Jordan) concerning public charter schools, not that we didn't know already. Mention this vote the next time Meyers and Green wax poetic on their support of charters.

Meanwhile, we'll believe the five are serious about saving money when they rescind Superintendent McGinley's windfall transportation increment, the one based on $5-per-gallon gasoline. Come to think of it, this month's windfall could finance the $300.

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