Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Letter Cites Four Worst Schools in CCSD

For those of you who didn't get Monday's P & C, the following Letter to the Editor was actually printed!

"Worst schools

"Imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer recently to the AOL Web site and read the national news article about the "25 Worst Performing Public Schools in the U.S." and saw that four of them are here in Charleston County. The Web site shows that Brentwood, Charleston Developmental Academy, Youth Build and Morningside are listed as among the worst.

"This superintendent has sold the taxpayers, students and teachers a bill of goods. It is time to send her packing and give these children an opportunity for a good education.

"The Post and Courier education reporter recently called Elizabeth Kandrac and Arthur Ravenel the board members who cause dissension. But they are simply asking the hard questions.

"I think school reporters should be asking the board majority why they continue to give the superintendent a blank check to run this district as she sees fit. It's time for new leadership in our Charleston County Schools.



Anonymous said...

I'm confused. According to Dr. McGinley, if Sanford doesn't accept the stimulus money, we'll be "(going)back in time when only those with personal or family resources receive a good education" AND it will be "embarrassing for our state."

Sounds like we already should be embarrassed. I agree with Ms. Engleman on this one. Can I help her pack?

dan dempsey said...

Is it all Dr. McGinley's fault?
Perhaps some of this mess was inherited.

Here is what your former Superintendent is doing in Seattle.

The release of information is so managed it requires a public records request to get information.