Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tin Ears in CCSD over Address Verification

Someone in CCSD has a tin ear. Is it Doug Gepford? [see Fewer Residency Checks Sought]
"District Chief Academic Officer Doug Gepford presented a policy amendment to the board's policy committee that would've enabled [magnet] schools to verify only 5 percent of students' addresses annually instead of checking every students' [sic] address. Parents still would be required to submit the same documents."

"'This is labor intensive, and there are shrinking dollars,' he said."

"Board Vice Chairman Gregg Meyers said he'd be inclined to give parents a number of opportunities to bring in the documents and then tell them that they can't re-enroll in the school the following year [italics mine] without that information."

"The Policy Committee was not receptive to the change. . . ."
I bet that the District 20 Constituent Board would check Buist addresses for free.

We can imagine how the 5 percent would be selected at Buist.

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