Friday, March 27, 2009

Carrot-and-Stick Legislation for SC Schools

To a great sigh of relief from state and local school officials, the long-awaited bill authorizing school districts across the state more "flexibility" in spending state funds finally passed yesterday. [Schools Eager for Flex Spending]

But WAIT--thanks to an unheralded amendment, that's the carrot part of the legislation.

According to a press release,

Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) introduced an amendment, which was overwhelmingly supported by the Republican majority and added to the flexibility bill, that requires school districts to place all expenditures over $100 on the Internet [italics added]. Senator Bryant’s amendment calls for more spending transparency and helps ensure that more money in spent on classroom instruction instead of wasteful bureaucracy.

“Teachers are already dipping into their own pockets for classroom supplies. We have to ensure that every single possible dollar is being spent in the classrooms to help our teachers and students,” Senator Bryant said. “This bill gives taxpayers more transparency and shines a bright light on wasteful spending.”

Senator Bryant’s amendment requires school districts to place expenditures on their website. If they do not have the capabilities to do so, they can utilize the Comptroller General’s website and resources for free.[in other words, no excuses]

David Engelman may be gone from the CCSD Board, but his spirit lives on!

Let's see them wiggle out of this one.

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