Monday, March 30, 2009

Power Structure Wants Status-Quo for Schools

How appropriate for today's whiners to stand in front of 75 Calhoun to complain about Sen. Ford's school proposals! According to the on-line edition of Monday's P & C, "The racially diverse, largely Democratic group included leaders such as Rep. David Mack, D-North Charleston, School Superintendent Nancy McGinley, former school board Chair Hillery Douglas and businesswoman and former Congressional candidate Linda Ketner."

Gee, some of my favorite hypocrites were there. Isn't that NAACP President Dot Scott shoving her way to the microphone? Better step aside. And I think I glimpsed the Rev. Joe Darby, too. Too bad it was during the school day, or the Fraser parents could have been there to ask Scott and Darby their opinions on the peripatetic Fraser students, or ask why schools being closed are almost entirely black.

But, then they apparently don't know that. They had the colossal nerve to suggest that Sen. Ford's plan would segregate Charleston's schools.

Are they living in some parallel universe?


Anonymous said...

Very sad to see Peter Lawrence there. When they turned on him last time, he said he was finished with the NAACP but there he was offering a grand to buy Ford back. Hmm, I bet if everyone of them there gave a grand toward teacher supplies, it would make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the Fraser parents were told by the NAACP that they don't get involved in education issues.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Where was the NAACP last week when the Fraser parents were trying to keep their kids from having to move twice in the same school year?