Friday, March 06, 2009

Saving Confederate Money Not Foolish After All

Save your Confederate money, boys!

It turns out that the State of South Carolina did just that. Now in the budget crunch confederate bank notes are for sale on eBay, proceeds to assist the S.C. Department of Archives and History. [S.C. eBay Item List] What would Christopher Memminger think?

Here's the background, courtesy of the Charleston Business Journal:

"The canceled $4 bill includes a picture of Fort Moultrie in the center; on the left is former U.S. Sen. Robert Hayne, elected in 1823 to represent South Carolina; and on the right is Langdon Cheves, an S.C. resident who in 1814 became the ninth speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and was later a judge in Charleston.

“The notes were supposed to be destroyed in the 1880s but they were not,” Lesser said.

"As to why they were not, Lesser said he doesn’t know.

"This is the second time department has sought to sell the Civil War-era currency. Last year, as the state looked for ways to tighten its belt, the department decided to open its vault and sell off these state artifacts.

"The department raised about $200,000 in an auction, he said. Under state law, the money must go toward the protection of the state’s historical collections.

Lesser can't figure out why the notes weren't destroyed? Must be a Yankee.

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