Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CCSD Board Cuts Off Nose to Spite Face

Needlessly self-destructive. That's the attitude of the majority of the Board of Trustees for the Charleston County School District. Sheer stupidity (or greed, I'm not quite sure which) prevents them from seeing that the way to keep the public school system alive and to regain public confidence is through public charter schools.

Anyone following the shenanigans of the Board recently (and its henchmen at 75 Calhoun) knows only too well its delay-linger-and-wait /dagger-in-the-back attitude towards the establishment of more public charter schools in CCSD--a certain elementary school in West Ashley waits on the front lines of this struggle; a certain District 20 charter high school engaged the enemy on many battlefields in order to exist, and its skirmishes with the enemy continue. The present Board won't even send a representative to the SC Association of Public Charter Schools conference being held on its doorstep.

McGinley's half-baked partial-magnet (that's a magnet that attracts on one side and repels on the other) schools represent the Board's attempt to stave off the inevitable. The illegal moratorium on new charter schools in CCSD is the other half of the attempt.

So, here comes Sen. Robert Ford. [Ford Pushes School Tax Credits] His ideas ought to be CCSD's worst nightmare. Let's see--a Democratic candidate for governor who wants school tax credits versus a Republican candidate for governor who wants school vouchers.

Nancy, Gregg, and Toya--that's called a lose-lose situation for you.

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