Thursday, January 29, 2009

Think Outside the Box, Superintendent McGinley

So CCSD is in such financial trouble that it can't afford to pay short-term substitutes to cover classes the rest of the year? Gee, that will be really helpful to educational excellence. [See District Won't Use Subs for Rest of Year]

Well, how's this? First, rescind Superintendent McGinley's $300-a-month travel raise that was meant to cover $4.00-a-gallon-gasoline, since it's less than half that now. Then, take one of McGinley's top "vice-superintendents"--one of those who makes over $130,000 per year--lay off that person and spread that job among the ones who remain, including McGinley herself.

We really could pay for quite a few $60 to $75 per day subs that way.


Anonymous said...

McGinley doesn't want to "think outside the box" because she can't handle being without her posse. Her $90,000 plus salaried staff follows her EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

Many people argee it's time for her entourage to go. Brenda Nelson is a good place to start. Let the Broad people find a place for Dr. Nelson somewhere else. She makes as much or more than an Associate Superintendent and all she does is spin like a top. She's no friend of education especially not on behalf of the people she grew up with. What is her title again?

Anonymous said...

An email went to all "12 mos non-school based employees" asking for volunteers to reduce their hours and paycheck 20% from now until June. Right. The only ones who can afford it are those who are in the inner circle. Bet none of them take the bullet for the team. Instead they'll lay off people who are living hand to mouth as it is.