Friday, January 16, 2009

Scott's Suggesting "Stealth" NAACP Fails the Test

Charleston NAACP President Dot Scott has responded with a full op-ed piece in response to the Reverend Mack's Letter to the Editor commenting that perhaps her organization truly was irrelevant to the black community. [See NAACP Often Works Behind the Scenes on School Issues] in Tuesday's issue of the P & C as well as Charleston NAACP Irrelevant to Schools? earlier on this blog.]

Scott doesn't make her case! Nowhere in her rambling defense of the effectiveness of the NAACP regarding the Charleston County Schools does she state one hard fact regarding what so-called "working behind the scenes" has accomplished.

Now, if she were writing for an English class, the comments would be:
  • Where's your evidence?
  • Support your conclusions!
  • Provide details and examples!
At best this effort is a C-. Let's have a rewrite with good support for your thesis, Dot!


Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to say Dot Scott and the local branch of the NAACP were nowhere to be found at any of the school reorganization meetings with the communities involved. They weren't at McClellanville. They weren't at St. Johns. According to those that went, they weren't at Baptist Hill or North Charleston, either. They definitely weren't downtown.

What's really telling is the local NAACP has also played no roll in the community meetings to develop alternatives. Now watch 'em take credit as the administration is forced to rethink their flawed plans that have no grassroots support. Dot Scott's idea of "working behind the scenes" is more like cutting a deal to protect some and sacrifice others.

Why is it our new President, his education secretary and national Black leadership organizations all support charter schools and promote self determination? What do they understand that CCSD and the NAACP don’t? Why are the "enlightened" leaders here so far behind the curve? It's about territory and power. It's not about educating the kids or preparing the next generation to compete in a global economy.

The Charleston Branch of the NAACP under its current leadership is a poor reflection of its history and offers no hope for positive change in the apt metaphor for the entire community. Hope springs forth anyway in the voices of those Dot Scott opposes.

Keep tap dancing, Dot. You're entertaining, even if you're not relevant.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Rev. Mack. You pushed Dot's buttons!
Kinda reminded me of the way Cousin Arthur pushed Rev. Darby's button a few months ago.
Why are they so defensive if what their critics state isn't a bit too close to the truth?