Thursday, January 22, 2009

CCSD Board Chair Green Satisfied with Five Closures

Spokesperson for Gregg Meyers, Toya Hampton-Green, allowed as how CCSD Superintendent McGinley's five school closures are okay with her [see Five Schools Recommended for Closing]:

School board Chairwoman Toya Green wanted to wait until the board meeting to discuss specific recommendations, but she said the superintendent did what the board asked, that the proposal was well thought out and that she felt comfortable with the recommendations.

"We have some tough decisions to make, and unfortunately there's nothing feel good about figuring out how to save money and cut positions," she said.

The schools recommended for closure share four characteristics: declining enrollment, excess building capacity, persistently struggling academic achievement and high per-pupil costs.

I can think of a fifth shared characteristic.

According to CCSD Chief Financial Officer Mike Bobby, the projected shortfall of $28 million will be well served by a savings of $5.3 million from these closures. Does that saving include the costs involved from the closures themselves? Where's the other $22 million coming from?

Show us how you arrived at these figures--or is that too much transparency?


Anonymous said...

I suppose Ms. Green is also satisfied with the number of Charleston County high school students who can't read or make change at the corner store. Too bad. We shouldn't be satisfied that Ms. Green can't read the budget or make change from the numbers Mr. Bobby is using. I'll bet Ms. Green didn't know the interim budget she just got shows the school district has already received $5,000,000 more than was originally projected to be generated from local taxes this year. Thanks to the crazy new property tax law, next year the school district is expected to get that again and more.

Cheap Courier Services said...

i agree she is also satisfied with it.

Anonymous said...

There was never a budget shortfall this year. Senator McConnell sent 12.5 million in hold harmless and she also got a 3 million dollar grant. She needs to cut overhead positions

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't McGinley been pressed on the issue of overhead within the administration? I haven't heard her say one thing about cuts in her office. Cut the fat at 75 first. That should cover at least four or five million. Hell, ending all the outside meeting coordinators and contracted studies should save a million or two.