Thursday, January 08, 2009

Charleston NAACP Irrelevant to Schools?

Finally someone else has commented on the deafening silence emanating from the Charleston branch of the NAACP. If its influence in the area isn't dying, it's gasping on its deathbed.

See Thursday's Letters to the Editor for one from the Reverend Michael Mack titled, "Where Is NAACP?" In it the Rev. Mack points out that

". . . The local NAACP has not made a sound about how devastating these closings would be for black children. For example, the proposed closing of E.L. Frierson Elementary School would mean that 4- and 5-year-old children would have to get up at 4:30 a.m. or 5 a.m. in order to be bused to schools on James Island and Johns Island."

They would probably not return home until 4 p.m. at the earliest. That is a tremendous amount of stress to put on a young child.

Mack goes on to say, "Is the local NAACP in the vest pocket of the Charleston County School Board and those who control it?"

You noticed! Now the question is, what do Dot Scott and Joe Darby get out of this cozy arrangement?


Underdog said...

Thank you, Rev. Mack. You are a man of honor.

mlm said...

I concur.

Clisby said...

Yes, he's right. You know, Nancy McGinley is acting as if CCSD were similar to the Atlanta school district. (I lived there before moving back to Charleston in 2004). If all the schools were within a city (as the Atlanta schools are) this plan might make more sense. But Charleston isn't an urban district in the sense that the Atlanta district is - although, if I recall correctly, the total number of students isn't all that far apart. Charleston is largely a rural/suburban district, and you don't just abandon the (geographically) far-out students to save a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

Dot Scott finally answers in the form of a guest op-ed in Tuesday's Post and Courier. Trouble is she uses her 800 or so words to launch a personal attack on Rev. Mack. The whole time she manages to almost break her own arm while patting herself on the back. She neglects to address the complaint that the Charleston branch of the NAACP is still AWOL on this issue.

Like Rev. Mack, we're all ears waiting for Dot Scott's real excuse for not working with any of the local communities working to develop an alternative to McGinley's school and community death notices. The NAACP leadership has been noticeably absent from the meetings in District 1, 9, 20 and 23. That represents half of CCSD, a majority of CCSD African-American enrollment and almost all of the schools CCSD intends to minimize or close.

I think Rev. Mack deserves equal time. Since when does the editor of the P&C invite a guest to write an op-ed that essentially attacks an author of a simple letter to the editor?