Monday, January 05, 2009

CCSD Community Groups Do McGinley's Job

Was that the plan all along? Superintendent Nancy McGinley would propose such shockingly destructive School Redesign in Charleston County that local residents would take matters into their own hands?

Of course not. She and her henchmen aren't that bright! Nevertheless, community groups are trying to counter her hare-brained schemes for economizing. [See Groups Tackle School Revamp in Monday's P & C.] Still, questions remain concerning closures under temporary circumstances. Come an economic turn-around and/or new formulas for school funding emanating from Columbia, we will be asked to provide new schools in their places. Surely someone has reminded McGinley and the CCSD School Board that monies gained from selling capital (land and schools) cannot be used for operating expenses!
  • If community members could satisfactorily reconfigure schools in District 9 (Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island) in one hour, why couldn't McGinley do so in the months she took to create three unsatisfactory options? Easy. CCSD deliberately avoids getting unfiltered opinions from its constituent districts. In their agreement the residents of District 9 put one piece of advice to good use: the perfect is the enemy of the good.
  • Members in Hollywood have more trouble agreeing but with good reason: why should half of their schools be closed? As one PTA president complained, "the economy will recover, . . . and . . . the district [must] justify closing and selling school buildings in a bad real estate market while the community is positioned for growth."
  • District 20 (the peninsula) has the biggest fight on its hands but also the most seasoned fighters in Park Dougherty and Arthur Lawrence. More will come from that quarter.
And where is the NAACP? Dot Scott and Joseph Darby sure have been quiet since the plans for closing schools were announced! Do they really believe the black community isn't being injured?

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Anonymous said...

Rev. Mack and Ms. Engelman both have great letters to the editor in Thursday's Post and Courier. Gross administrative excess and waste need to be cut before we put more weight on the backs of classroom teachers and students. Too bad Dr. McGinley didn't address administrative cuts as part of any of her widely (and rightly) ridiculed plans.

Thanks to the example of communities working together, the people may yet teach our superintendent a thing or two about geography and fiscal responsibility. The McClellanville, Johns Island and Edisto Island areas will be joined soon by Downtown presenting its plan. Stay tuned.