Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Usual Inmates Are Running Ware Shoals Now

It's the inmates again. Ware Shoals was simply a blip in my memory bank until this week's scandal broke all over the national news. It was originally built as "the model town of Ware Shoals for [the Riegel Cotton Mill's ] operatives." Riegel Cotton Mill has been gone for more than 20 years, but the buildings it created for Ware Shoals High School still live on.
When I learned that its principal had tried to keep the press and community from learning the tawdry facts by intimidating the cheerleaders, let's say I was not surprised. Such reactions are the reason that it's a state law that teachers must report suspected child abuse directly to the authorities instead of to the principal to report.
I also learned from the Newsless Courier that Jill Moore, the former cheerleading coach with the poor judgment (no, with no morals, how's that?), was a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR at the school. However, according to the school's website, she was "GUIDANCE SECRETARY," quite a big difference, you will agree. For one thing, she's unlikely to be a college graduate (not that it would have made any difference here!).
Sex, alcohol, and cheerleaders. The press is having great time relishing the salacious details of this mess, but let's keep the facts straight.

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