Friday, January 26, 2007

Just Copying Wando, I Guess

Check out the Newsless Courier's "Football Star One of Holdup Suspects," in Friday's paper:

What is it about football players? Isolated incidents or a desire to be known as "bad"? Here is another stupid, stupid decision by a student who probably had colleges knocking down his door. Holding up a McDonald's drive-through? Wow! Big bucks there.
Who knows? Maybe some colleges (Auburn, Georgia Tech) think he'll fit right in with the team!

Makes you wonder what ever happened to those Wando players, doesn't it? I'd like to see the Post and Courier do a follow up on that one. The results would be illuminating.

"Robinson [the female employee] and [Derrick] Middleton [the football player] will not be allowed to return to school, pending the outcome of the case, said Pat Raynor, spokeswoman for Dorchester District 2 schools.

"Robinson was working the drive-through the night of the robbery when a man ran up to her from outside and pointed a gun, Miller said.

"Deputies identified Maloney [a drop-out, apparently] as the gunman, he said.

"But (Robinson) actually turned out to be one of the suspects," Miller said. "They made statements to incriminate themselves, and investigators discovered that she was a principal in the armed robbery."

"Middleton, a 6-foot, 208-pound senior, had participated in the Fort Dorchester football program since eighth grade, said Patriots football Coach Steve LaPrad.

"Middleton was named to the Region 8-AAAA all-star team and was a second-team All-Lowcountry selection. "He's a college prospect," LaPrad said. "He's an excellent football player."
"The Patriots posted a 9-4 record during the 2006 season. Middleton showed promise as a junior, rushing 193 times for 1,048 yards and 12 touchdowns.

"He followed that up with an impressive senior season. He rushed for 920 yards and 17 touchdowns during the regular season, and had two strong performances in the playoffs. Middleton rushed for 166 yards and three TDs in a first-round Class AAAA playoff win over Sumter and added 141 yards and a score the next week in a season-ending playoff loss to Stratford."

Pathetic, isn't it?
Update: According to today's paper Maloney is not a drop-out. He's a high-school graduate and a college student.
Well, that makes sense, doesn't it?

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Debra S. Metts, FDHS parent said...

Boy, do I have a comment! I miss the days when you watched the news and read the paper to find out information that we needed to have. Now it's little more than gossip and entertainment. When did our society become so fulfilled by someone else falling down? I personally know Derrick Middleton. I am an adult who have spent a lot of time with him and I know his family. He is a respectful, courtious young man. The article and continuous news stories were SO FALSE if it wasn't so sad it would be funny. If you want the REAL story leave your contact info and I'll be glad to get you in touch with the people who know. Until this incident, I didn't realize how inaccurate reporting could be. Becasue of this situation I rarely watch local news and I only read the sports and movie section in the paper. By the way, are you going to remind the public of the Wando players EVERYTIME a high school student gets in trouble?