Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Don Halt Redux

Vacation's over. We need only experience the Don Halt Bridge at 7:35 am to know. Today's complete "halt on the Holt" was the result of a stalled car in the left eastbound lane and a disabled car just over the bridge in the right-hand lane.

I repeat myself: I-526 has reached capacity. The slightest anomaly sends it into gridlock, east or west-bound. We know this. We know growth continues. Are we going to wait until it mirrors Ashley Frustrate and I-26 before we even DISCUSS widening or building another highway to take the pressure off?
Yes, I know the picture is of a California traffic jam. That's what the Don Halt will look like next year.


Toast said...

I am lucky that my commute over the Halt is in the opposite direction in morning and evening. Would a breakdown lane ease the problem?

Earl Capps said...

the cost of building another bridge won't be cheap, to say the least.

people want roadway solutions in the lowcountry, but they don't realize that the cost of building bridges is far greater than surface roadways. because of this, you'll always need far more money than any other part of the state to fix problems.

how to address it? regional impact fees for new development? a regional toll highway authority?

whatever answer you'd like, it's going to come with a hefty price tag.