Thursday, January 25, 2007

Habitual Liars' Business Fees: Buist Academy & Update

Joke of the Day (Kudos to the Charleston City Paper for this one):

"What do you call a $200 penalty for using a false address to get your kid into Buist, Charleston County’s elite downtown academic magnet?

An application fee (badum-bum). "

[For background on this irony perpetrated by CCSD, see my previous posts on Buist.]

UPDATE: Tonight on the national news, Buist Academy was profiled. The reporters clearly did not understand the difference between the District 20 constituent school board and CCSD, but we have come to expect these stupidities. too bad they didn't read my blog where I explained the whole, convoluted "selection" process. What really caught my attention was the sound bite with Sallie Ballard, the principal.

Man!!!!! Talk about change of tune. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. She was all for checking addresses and rooting out those who weren't playing fair, and she claimed to have done so in at least three cases.

Funny, that's not how she sounded last July, when the issue was on the front burner. Check out my post of July 10th, "A Magnet for Millionaires: Buist, Part 2," for her attitude then.

Apparently, national TV can change minds!

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