Friday, January 06, 2017

SC's Ongoing School Bus Scandal

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Some activists believe that all school buses should be retrofitted with seat belts at the cost of millions.  On the other hand, South Carolina's legislature believes it's ok to send public school buses out every morning knowing that they are older than the students who ride them.

Now the US Environmental Protection Agency has stepped up to the plate to do what state legislators promised almost a decade ago--replace the oldest and worst of SC's buses. 

How embarrassing is that? "Under state law, the Department of Education is required to replace about a 15th of the state’s bus fleet each year with new school buses with money from the Legislature. But laWwmakers have only fulfilled this mandate twice since the law was passed in 2007." WHY?

We're Number 1: the worst polluting school bus fleet in the nation.

SC: take a bow!

About $1.1 million will replace 57 of our oldest and worst polluting buses. 


[BTW, headline writers still refuse to use spell check. "I before e except after c"?]

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