Monday, January 09, 2017

CCSD's Status as Most Segregated in SC Produces Desperate Measures

Don't get me wrong: WINGS for Kids is a great organization that has positive effects on the Charleston County School District. 

Nevertheless, its latest program expansion emphasizes what's wrong in the district while attempting a cure around the edges. In order for children who attend North Charleston Elementary, Chicora Elementary, and (soon) Burns Elementary to know white children, WINGS for Kids has a special program introducing them to each other.

Sorry, you can't make this stuff up.

You've got to ask yourself, though, why these three elementary schools in North Charleston have no white students. It's not as though the North Area, as it was previously known, has no white residents or white residents with elementary-age children. In fact, the city is majority white at this point, as it has been in the past. Further, the area around North Charleston Elementary includes Park Circle, where older small houses and newer large ones are being snapped up by yuppies. It's much more complicated than merely dismissing people as racists.

So why aren't these schools integrated? Why aren't the all-black schools on the peninsula integrated?

When will we realize that the present system must be relegated to the junk heap of history?


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