Saturday, January 28, 2017

Great News for CCSD's Laing MS; What About North Charleston?

Laing Middle School's recognition as the top  STEM middle-school in the country impresses us all. Nothing should detract from the hard work of the Charleston County School District and its administration and teachers. Great news for Mt. Pleasant, once again.

What about North Charleston? When comes the day that one of its schools gets such recognition? Judging by the present, never. 

Mayor Summey needs to put pressure on the district to fix his city's failing, in some cases, almost empty, schools. More and more young families in the city choose to homeschool rather than attend their local schools, elementary, middle, and high. It's no good saying that most of CCSD's greatest magnet schools are in North Charleston. Hardly any locals get into those schools.

Can you imagine what the outcry would be if Mt. Pleasant's schools were in such disarray? So many parents in North Charleston feel the same way, but they don't have the big bucks or the powerful friends that Mt. Pleasant does.

It's time for radical change. Let's hope CCSD's school board soon focuses on North Charleston's problems.

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