Monday, January 30, 2017

Disparities in CCSD's High Schools: Not Teachers' Fault

Stop blaming teachers.

Oh, if only Lincoln High's teachers had been more rigorous in their expectations, former Lincoln students at Wando wouldn't be having such a hard time adjusting.

That's just plain nonsense. Forget high turnover. Forget inexperienced staff.

Faced with a classroom full of students who are already below grade level in achievement, what teacher will cause all of them to flunk? Which principal would allow that to happen? Low achievement doesn't begin in high school; it starts in kindergarten. Then it snowballs. Ask any middle school teacher. 

Two recent articles, one on these former Lincoln students and one on Prestige Academy's problems, honed in on teachers as the root problem. 

Low pay. Disrespect. No wonder teachers leave the profession.

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