Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another Cost of CCSD's Segregated Schools: "Top Talent" Pay Bump for Teachers

The list of schools that the Charleston County School District is considering for "Top Talent" teacher pay reads as a list of CCSD's most segregated middle and elementary schools. 

"The Top Talent schools would be Sanders-Clyde Elementary, Chicora Elementary, Burns Elementary, Mary Ford Elementary, North Charleston Elementary, St. James-Santee Elementary, Northwoods Middle, Morningside Middle, West Ashley Middle, Baptist Hill Middle/High, St. John's High and Garrett Academy of Technology. Those schools would also receive additional support and professional development from the district office."

Interestingly, the cost of what used to be jokingly called (in Newark, NJ) "combat pay" will be covered by "an existing $2.3-million annual stream of federal Title II grant money." Nowhere does the reporter say how that money has been spent in the past. 

Maybe higher pay will attract the best teachers; maybe not. It's one more sign that serious changes must occur for the county's schools to be as integrated as those in the rest of the state.

See http://www.postandcourier.com/news/charleston-county-could-pay-extra-for-top-teachers-in-struggling/

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