Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Does NAACP Want Charleston County School Board to Do?

Not surprisingly, the first Charleston County School Board meeting with Gerrita Postlewait as superintendent turned contentious. The NAACP's Dot Scott, given more power by the result of the Confederate flag controversy, plans to disrupt the board until something is done. As she said, "We will not move on."

So what will satisfy Scott and others who believe the process tainted? 

Agreed that "the hiring of the new superintendent was not done in a proper manner," who has the solution? If the Board backs down and begins the process anew, the cost of buying out Postlewait's contract would surely affect "the educational well-being of minority children [and all other children]" in CCSD's schools. 

Even if the above happened, Scott and her cohort would not be happy unless the new superintendent were black. Surely that's racist.

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