Monday, July 13, 2015

CCSD Flash: Cindy Bohn Coats's Days as Chair Are Numbered

Ask yourself the question: could the Charleston County School Board's process and publicity in selecting a new superintendent have been any worse? It's hard to think how.

Coats in her heavy-handed way has managed to alienate almost every person who cares about what happens in the school district. In addition, as I've written previously, her treatment of Lisa Herring defies belief. Herring was first named as one of two in-house employees being considered for the position.

When the Board announced the selection of Postlewait, Coats pointed out that Herring had never been a superintendent and was thus passed over for the job. Coats can't have it both ways:either Herring is qualifed or she is not.

Now the original naming of Herring looks like window-dressing to suggest that not all candidates being considered were white. Who can blame the NAACP's Dot Scott for calling for Coats's head?

Not me.


Tony Geinzer said...

I can only feel that Cindy Bohn Coats should and could face criminal charges for her affront to the Minority Community of South Carolina and America. I think the South Carolina to Iowa to South Carolina Star Trek is hardly original, but, didn't Charleston's Superintendent Elect ruin a good to Great Myrtle Beach System? And, I hate to be the bad news bear, but, the Minority Community is in ruins at so many different levels that I think Charleston County's Adminstration is begging to win subpoenas.

Anonymous said...

"Geinzer Courier" now? Interesting...maybe not.

Pluff Mudd said...

I just hope the county school board has enough wherewithal to recognize that it needs a new set of officers now and not wait until November when a new election of officers is required by law. Ms. Coats will obviously not be reelected, but new board leaders may be in order as the new superintendent takes charge of her office. It would be a nice nod to the public that the board is changing direction, too.

Anonymous said...

Common Ground Leadership Project is available to her.