Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seriously? Seriously, Berkeley County--McGinley?

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Maybe ex-Superintendent Nancy McGinley is just what the doctor ordered for the Berkeley County School District. She could antagonize every segment of the population while closing any remaining neighborhood schools to improve BCSD statistics, or she could ram through a capital building program to employ her contractor pals from Charleston County. Your schools are 20 years old? How outrageously archaic!

The question is, do residents of Berkeley County know anything of McGinley besides the whitewashed and flattering accounts perpetrated by the P& C? Watermelon controversy? How about failing programs? What ever happened to Vision 2016?

What is definite is that if Berkeley County hires McGinley as its next superintendent of schools, it should change its name to Beserk County.

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