Wednesday, July 08, 2015

CCSD Board Offends Entire Community at One Blow with Postlewait

If it wasn't a conspiracy, it was the most stupid, ill-conceived process of selecting a new Charleston County School District superintendent that anyone can remember. By its actions the present CCSD School Board managed to offend every segment of the community while claiming its process was correct and transparent.

Jeez! Conspiracy theorists can have a field day with this one.

Fact: Gerrita Postlewait quit her job to apply for the CCSD position. Either she's independently wealthy, or she'd been told the fix was in.

Fact: Postlewait was invited to schmooze with selected school board members before any other candidates. Who decided that? And would we even know about it if black members hadn't blown the whistle?

Fact: When the three original candidates were announced--Bobby, Herring, and Postlewait--only she had experience as a superintendent. According to Board Chair Cindy Bohn Coats, only those with previous superintendent experience should have been considered. How then did the Board arrive at a group of three with only one (Postlewait) meeting that criterion?

Fact: Once Bobby had dropped out (probably because his background has never been scrutinized thoroughly) and the Board was forced to spread a wider net for candidates, two of the three resulting candidates were the same. If the board told the searchers that superintendent experience was necessary, why was Herring in the final three at all?

Fact: Herring has been treated poorly by the process. Despite being put forth twice, she's then told she is unqualified because she hasn't even been a principal, much less a superintendent. If I were her, I'd be looking to leave the district ASAP.

Despite the furor, the situation is a win for Postlewait. Embattled as she accepts the position, nevertheless, while in it she receives a salary well over $200,000 per year, and when she's forced out, which she will be, she'll receive a large severance package.

Your tax dollars at work.


Tony Geinzer said...

I almost feel we are in a steady period that everything Charleston is doing is National News and none of it is good. Worse, in my lifetime, the NBA has used and misused Conspiracy Theories until a Donohy or worse, The Beloved Seattle Supersonics are put in enough of a pickle that antipathy trumped defending a Powerhouse's End, or in Cup Racing, one of my all time personal favorites, why Rusty Wallace didn't win the Winston Cup in 1993 and the Points System being flatfooted in the Winter of 2011 which has caused regional and national heartburn.
Also, This is NOT even half close to a Conspiracy Theory, it is all out racism and corruption that burned down a lot of people's 4th of July Weekends, and South Carolina State attempted to cry racism, when the governance was an issue, and the difference in Charleston is bad actors getting away with hiring the worst principals and that skunks the pot through and blue.

Anonymous said...

newsless courier -

this "blog" has really declined over the was once a place where information some surprisingly accurate) was shared - mostly about CCSD - and a lot of negative opinions and sentiments were posted.

sometimes folks agreed other times they did not..occasionally there was misinformation but not often..points to ponder were raised, comments related to the blog topic..

what has happened??? the info ( and there really isn't much ) is flawed of late.. and the comments ( just see the disjointed paragraph above ) - what the..

I can only guess the owner has gotten tired or perhaps "deep throat" has vanished?????

Anonymous said...