Wednesday, July 01, 2015

No More Mysterious Executive Sessions in CCSD?

As a recent lead editorial noted,  "For years, numerous public bodies have been excluding people from meetings without clear and lawful reasons to do so. They use executive sessions to discuss things absent outside scrutiny."

Better pay attention, Charleston County School District. Looks like the SC Supreme Court has your number! 

The editorial continues, "A recent S.C. Supreme Court decision should change that. It says public bodies must give the public a clear idea about why it wants to go into executive session. And that reason must be among those set out in the state’s Freedom of Information Act."
This is how it’s been working: A school board, city council or other public body votes to excuse the public so members can discuss “contractual matters” or “personnel matters.”
That’s like telling someone to pack his bags because you’re taking him “somewhere.” He needs to know whether to take black tie or a bathing suit, but you’re not telling. . . . 
But the extra information the Supreme Court said bodies must provide could be helpful to the public’s understanding of the public’s business. People might have helpful information to share with their elected representatives. And people might just pick up on an impropriety.
No, really?

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Tony Geinzer said...

Sadly, I think what is obvious besides every single minority organization trying to block hire of Charleston's Superintendent, and a lot of places in America has made more than 2 Sides of the World work for a Generation at least. Charleston has turned into a national carnival that would aggress a Cubs Fan as the Returnship and the Placement of Principal Conner was a National Story MSNBC picked up both times, and Charleston was the Cape Cod and the Boston of the Southland. If jilt over and over and over and over and again and again and again and again and again because of losing af2 was the moral due to some nefarious deals, we got a lot of rotten. Frankly, if Baton Rouge or Jackson had the resources of a Charleston or Columbia, we'd be talking about "Stand By Me" or "Hoosiers" for this day. Sadly, even the "good" schools look pitiful and if a howling set of sides wants to take Marions down to Waterloo Easts, or Prime Preps, we are doing South Carolina a coast to coast gargantuan mockery that's earned and Ballcoach and Dabo wouldn't want to play the Palmetto State if there is no plans of academic security outside ending South Carolina State and even I've known since I was 5 Righteous is NOT Religious, and the South Carolina Courts have laid out a Kanye Trap for years to come.