Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Do SC Political Hopefuls Stand on Common Core?

The field of candidates for South Carolina's State Superintendent of Education expands as the surprise of Mick Zais's announcement not to run for re-election sinks in. Inquiring minds want to know where Governor Haley stands on the Common Core as well. The latest Republican hopeful, Sheri Few, known for organizing opposition to the controversial program, has joined the fray for State Superintendent.

Hold everyone's feet to the fire to make each take a position on Common Core implementation in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Ravitch's blog reports more disturbing news regarding alignment of testing with the program:
According to a report by Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post, Maryland will spend at least $100 million for Common Core testing.
The testing is wreaking havoc in states like Néw York, where absurd failure rates have outraged parents across the states. Now we learn that the cost of all-online testing are likely to cause fiscal strain, larger classes, and cuts to necessary programs and courses. Los Angeles alone has committed $1 billion to buy iPads for Common Core testing even though class sizes are growing and the arts programs have been decimated by previous budget cuts. 
Who had the brilliant idea that all testing had to be online? The vendors? Ka-Ching.
This may turn out to be the innovation that ate American education.

No doubt the Bill Gates Foundation, one of the major players behind Common Core, finds such developments just dandy. Wonder where SC will find its $100 million.

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