Monday, January 06, 2014

Friends in High Places for Newest CCSD Board Appointee

For the second time in a row the Charleston County legislative delegation has appointed a new school board trustee who has absolutely no knowledge of the school district. Maybe they think that's a good qualification?

Tripp Wiles III may very well turn out to be an effective member, but he's got a steep learning curve before that becomes true. It's encouraging that he's a Citadel graduate, but the truth is that he's lived in Charleston for only about the last six years and has no school age children. Presumably he's spent most of his time on his legal career.

Maybe he's hoping his slot on the Board of Trustees will guarantee entrance for his four-year-old into Buist Academy, as it did for Toya Hampton-Green's children. Maybe he's genuinely in favor of charter schools and actually knows something about them.  Maybe.

All we can know for sure is that Wiles has a good friend in Paul Thurmond, and Paul Thurmond owes one to the rest of the delegation. Only time will tell.

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