Wednesday, January 08, 2014

CCSD Shill for Charleston Chamber of Commerce Brags of Noblesse Oblige

Imagine you had a job to do that required several meetings a month a distance from your home. Your only compensation was $25 per meeting. Would you bother to fill out the paperwork to get your expenses paid? Or would the money mean so little to you that you couldn't be bothered?

Chris Fraser, the place marker for the Charleston Chamber of Commerce on the Charleston County School Board of Trustees, brags that he doesn't need the money, so he doesn't file. Fraser reveals himself squarely in the rich man's corner--those who need reimbursement should feel embarrassed for taking the taxpayers' dime. In fact, from Fraser's point of view only people who don't need money should serve on the Board.

Maybe some day Fraser will live in the real world. 

Meanwhile, Brian Hicks remains more than willing to share Fraser's bragging while inserting snide remarks over Elizabeth Kandrac's reimbursement for training sessions--and Kandrac left the Board some time ago. 

Hicks still bristles over the thought that a white teacher had the nerve to sue CCSD for racial harassment, won her day in court, and then voters elected her to the School Board. 

Neither Fraser nor Hicks reveals that Fraser frequently absents himself from meetings. If he asked for reimbursement, a record would reveal how often he doesn't bother with attending. Maybe we need a member who's more dedicated who takes the $25.


Alex Peronneau said...

The City Paper calls Chris Fraser the "Best School Board Member". Not true. In fact he is the school board member who does the least. He refuses to attend appeal hearings and misses most other work sessions. Because he only attends meetings where his absence would be noticed, he leaves the real work for the other 8 members. He is not only a special interest shill, he is the worst school board member. The City Paper should do it's homework and so should the Post and Courier.

Folly said...

Ms. Kandrac got paid more because she attended more meetings than anyone else on the board. The newspaper would ridicule board members who got paid more but the press never revealed the fact that board members who took less pay attended fewer meetings and did less work for their constituents.