Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Deja Vu on CCSD's Failing Schools

Burke. North Charleston HS. Stall HS. Sanders-Clyde. Burns.

"No Berkeley or Dorchester County schools were in this group," according to today's newspaper. Really? Don't you wonder why CCSD has the honor of five schools located on the peninsula and in North Charleston that have achieved the notoriety of the Palmetto Priority List? (Why, the list doesn't even include all of the failing schools that district administration has shuttered instead of improving over the last few years!)

Despite her training at and assistance from the Broad Institute, Superintendent McGinley has now proved she doesn't have the qualities and wisdom to "fix" the problem. Who else remembers the glory days when Sanders-Clyde made great strides in its test scores? Why, McGinley was so impressed that she made its principal head of two schools simultaneously. She supposedly had no clue regarding the scandal that finally came out of the closet--organized changing of answers on the tests. And the principal was allowed to escape to a district in North Carolina. Isn't it lucky?

What McGinley has managed to accomplish is new and/or expensively remodeled buildings that should be showplaces for learning. The building program has also been a boon to construction firms. Not to teachers.  Not to students. If a state-of-the-art building could fix these schools' problems, we would not be talking about them now.


Anonymous said...

On another note, CCSMS needs to take a strong look at itself in the mirror. It really seems as if this board continues to handicap its principals while giving a free pass to certain other (pseudo) "administrators" who have that innate "Teflon" ability to escape any and every purge of the school's leaders.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:38: Amen! I taught there for a short time and you are so right. You are either in the clique or you are not. And here's another question: Why does their board take so long to post their meeting minutes? I have friends who still work there and they tell me this principal was overwhelmed. Where was his AP?

Anonymous said...

There is one person with connections to this school who always will be the de facto principal. The de jure principals will continue to come and go.