Monday, June 10, 2013

CCSD's McGinley: All Hat and No Cattle

Blaming the CCSD Board of Trustees for not approving the International Baccalaurate program for Memminger Elementary is only the latest in Superintendent Nancy McGinley's cover stories. Anyone who has kept tabs on the Board over the last few years knows that its decisions have been controlled by the superintendent and not vice versa. The super says "Jump"; the majority of her hand-picked Board say "How high?"

No excuse exists for the district's failure to follow through with its program of "global studies" as a partial magnet instead of the community-supported IB program. The idea was a sop to the community that never materialized.

Having a mostly black elementary school on the majority-white peninsula is a result of district policies extended during the reign of this superintendent. Could it be possible that McGinley has promised the NAACP its own all-black schools in District 20? If it walks like a duck, etc.

Laughs, please, for the misnomer "Renaissance" schools. Those are schools that must be reorganized under NCLB guidelines because of poor performance over a period of time. Memminger has sunk to that level. Meanwhile, two-thirds of its students do not live in the sending district, and when its new multi-million dollar building opens in the fall, it will be almost half empty.

Maybe it's time for the superintendent to listen to the community and relent on the IB program. Why should the present students whom Collins and Miller worry about not have the opportunity to learn in a rigorous program with a diverse student body? 

Truly, McGinley will not listen to what the community desires until she has tried everything else. Memminger is living proof.

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Jim Isle said...

This superintendent has never had an original idea. She has also never given credit when she steals an idea from someone else. Really, why does Charleston put up with this?