Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cut in CCSD Priorities Shows Hypocrisy of Seismic Policies

Remember the great earthquake that caused the Charleston County School District to declare Memminger and Buist schools (among others) as needing retrofitting and/or rebuilding? No, I don't either; nor does anyone alive. 

Such a happening in the last decade would have explained the haste to tear down schools that were good for more years of use, rather than the cynical thought that the Superintendent wished to keep contractors busy.  Now that the initial set of "earthquake-proof" schools is almost on line, the rush to fix others has disappeared,

At least that seems to be the case with the cash-flow problem presented to CCSD by a shortfall in the 1% sales tax for schools. Seismic evaluations will be postponed or even not done at all.

Come on, Nancy. At least be consistent.

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Hungry Neck Traveler said...

Sullivan's Island is in a safe building on the mainland with space to spare, but the overcrowded conditions in the northern part of Mt. Pleasant can't be addressed for at least 5 more years!! That's at the earliest. Who decided to put SIES on the fast track (it's in a safe building now) while unsafe conditions elsewhere in Mt. Pleasant are allowed to get worse?