Saturday, June 15, 2013

CCSD Snubs Affordable Care Act

Buried deep within Saturday's article about the Charleston County School District's desire to outsource teacher substitutes to Kelly Services, the reader encounters another example of the law of intended consequences.

Think about it: How could the district cut costs in next year's budget by continuing to pay subs the same amount and paying Kelly's fee for each placement? Simple. By using Kelly, the district frees itself from providing health care insurance for any of these subs. Kelly Services, in its stead, will make sure that no sub works more than 29 hours per week, so that Kelly is also not required to provide insurance.

The district has made the calculation that adding subs to health care insurance will cost more than Kelly's fee for providing subs.

Somehow, I don't believe this was the desired end of the law. How many other businesses are cutting costs by limiting workers to 29 hours per week? We'll find out soon enough.

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