Thursday, November 01, 2012

McGinley's Recommendations for CCSD School Board

Straight from a Taj Mahal office worker:

**Miller, Barter, Ducker, Lecque, and Weinstein**

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly the slate the City Paper has more or less endorsed

I don't know if it really is 'nuff said. I mean, I get that you're saying that this would be a rubber stamp ticket, but what's a better option? Put your money where your mouth is - where do you stand?

Unknown said...

Anyone but the above. Copeland for sure; Collins; Garrett since he's not on the district list. I may not vote a full ticket. Retired executives may sound good, but they know nothing about the district. We don't need more spots filled with "learners."

Stop Cluttering Our Roads said...

Great resumes with no knowledge of local conditions on the ground makes for more uninformed school board members.

The Chamber's slate (the one NJM really wants) is spending over $200,000 to get their names out there. Who are these people? Looks as if they are being dropped in with a golden parachute.

Voters know very little about these candidates. If you really feel good about one, then vote for them. But if you only know their name because you saw it a thousand times on a yard sign, better not throw your vote away. It might just be more of the same which is little or no change.

No, you don't have to vote for all the open seats. You can write in a candidate for each of the six seats, too. Only who are the ones actually on the ballot?

Tell us something, please.

FB said...

I would go with two write-ins. One, Steve Rapchick, who's running against the incombent, Chris Fraser, for West Ashley race to fill the 2 year unexpired term formerly held by Mary Ann Taylor. As Steve Rapchick said at one of the forums, if you like things the way they are vote for Fraser, but if you think change is needed, write in the name of Steve Rapchick.

The second write-in would be for the downtown seat on the county school board. Since no name will appear on the ballot for this seat, a write-in is required. I suggest you vote for Bruce Smith. He's competent and has the financial background.

The best thing going for these two is they aren't part of the special interest slate the chamber of commerce put up this year. That's the saving grace of some of the others whose names appear elsewhere on the school board ballot. Don't want anything to do with this special interest slate. They are too obviously polished, overly packaged and obscenely bought.

It seems the chamber's slate will be spending over a quarter million dollars to buy these four seats on the county school board by way of a secret Political Action Committee (PAC) which doesn't have to reveal where its money comes from.

So much for transparency with these new faces who want to buy a place on the county school board. Sounds like more of the same bad old school board to me.

FB said...

Then I would vote for anyone else not on the special interest slate.

For West Ashley (2 seats): Copeland, Miller or Thomas

For North Charleston (2 seats):
Collins and Ducker

Just say "NO!" to the four special interest slate. They can't shoot straight, much less talk straight. They owe too much to those that bankrolled their extreme image makeover.

The four special interest candidates will owe a lot to those who have paid to keep things just as they are. The best we can do for them and our schools is just not elect them.