Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AMHS & SOA Admissions Processes Changing

We hope they know what they're doing in the Charleston County School District--eliminating an essay and teacher recommendation at the magnet School of the Arts and using a cut-off score of 85 percent on the ACT Explore for the Academic Magnet.

Are they really going to use 85 percent? That test is not as rigorous as the PSAT and, in my experience with it over the last five to 10 years, scoring in the 85th percentile is low for honors-level students.

It should be fun to watch what happens in the coming months.

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Henry Copeland said...

This sounds like a policy change. Another one like it concerning Buist Academy was pulled from the board agenda earlier this month. Neither one was publicly aired or ultimately approved by the county school board's policy committee or the full board.

When the superintendent makes up policy without board approval, you have a serious problem.

So what really prompted this?