Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Rivers Campus at the Crossroads

When will the Charleston County School District finally stop kowtowing to the Chamber of Commerce and self-appointed spokespersons for the black community about the Rivers campus?

Against all common sense, Superintendent McGinley and the "Citizens United for Public Schools" (a misnomer if there ever was one!) insist on creating a phantom "tech" school at the newly-renovated Rivers campus in order to forestall the growth of the highly-successful and totally diverse Charter School for Math and Science. Low Country Tech will not even be a school in its own right but a series of classes with students bused in from other schools in the district!

In CCSD, absurdity has no limits when it comes to the disdain of the superintendent and the NAACP for the wishes of the community. In order to force CSMS to continue using mobile classrooms on the Rivers campus, the superintendent will leave Burke Middle High nearly half empty and spend money busing Burke students to Rivers.

Will the insanity never end? The Burke community wants the program at Burke. Only the superintendent's stubbornness prevents an obvious (and cheaper) solution to the need for tech programs in the district. Dot Scott and her crowd have been proven wrong about the supposed conspiracy to create an all-white charter school in District 20.  How soon we forget (and that goes for the reporter too) that Rivers space was provided to CSMS practically over the dead bodies of the above.
Never was there consensus on sharing the building, no matter what the superintendent's sycophants pushed through in 2007.

It's time to face facts in CCSD. Low Country Tech does not exist. CSMS does and is thriving and outgrowing its facilities. Why can't the district allow success to succeed?


Charters said...

As usual, CCSD does not want charter schools to succeed. In other school districts, school choice truly means choice and support by the district. CCSD hates the fact the Charleston Charter School has been so successful. It is sad to think that politics will trump common sense when it comes to this school. Where is the funding for a Middle School building? Or will the students continue to be in trailers for another five years? At this point, they cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Here's a simple solution: Allow Chris Collins and his church to sublet portions of their building for the middle school students at CCSMS.

D20 said...

The school board should make McGinley explain her plan in front of everyone and at one time. So far she's been spinning too many different stories to different audiences. Her plan doesn't seem to have anything to do with reality or the hopes of the different groups involved.