Thursday, November 29, 2012

CCSD Caught Violating Open Meetings Law

And not by the P&C, which habitually ignores such FOIA trespasses, except when its own ox is gored.

The whistle-blower is the SC Press Association, which correctly points out that public was not notified of the tour of the Rivers building where a quorum of the Charleston County Board of Trustees showed up.

The wrong-headed decision of the Board will go forward now that the renovations have been finished.

Lowcountry Tech will share the Rivers campus with the Charter School for Math and Science (CSMS).

CSMS will remain in mobile classrooms ad infinitum.

The NAACP and Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, both intentionally de facto segregated , will continue to complain that CSMS is 50 percent white. They also assume, and are determined to enforce, that Lowcountry Tech be 100 percent black.

Burke Middle High School will continue to be half empty and 100 percent black.

One bad decision after another. Decisions have consequences. Charleston County students must live with them.


Anonymous said...

Parents at CCSMS, ALL parents, should attend, in mass, the next CCSD school board meeting. Arrive early. Pack the board meeting. Make your (diverse) selves seen and heard...and continue to do so until you get the whole campus. Your diversity should be your strength, especially among your parents. McGinley hates surprises.

Green Engineering at CCSMS said...

Well, there goes the surprise element.

Anonymous said...

To "Green Engineering:" Yeah. Right. I am positive some little comment on this obscure blog just killed "the surprise element." Frankly, the people at your school depend on Dougherty and Copeland to do it all for you. People are tired of them. CCSMS parents should unite en masse. Clearly your administrative team is scared to rally them. You have one "administrator" who has been there from the beginning and he is scared of his own shadow.

Charters said...

It is not that the parents do not care, they do. Administration is in a tough spot with charter renewal around the corner. And parents did attend what they could in the past couple of weeks. 2 minute comments do not change a Board's mind.

Clisby said...

Frankly, the problem with LCT isn't where it will be located. How many people have read the CCSD brochure outlining it?

I'm not a gambler, but if I were, my bet would be that this program is going to fail no matter where it's put. There's no reason to dump yet another sham program on Burke, for heaven's sake - haven't they seen enough of that in recent years?